Budget Process

The Charles City County Public Schools Department of Finance has responsibility for coordinating budget preparation for the school division and developing the annual financial plan under the direction of the Superintendent and School Board. Other responsibilities include managing the execution of the budget, performing financial analysis and communicating financial issues to various parties including the Superintendent, School Board, County Administration, the Board of Supervisors, internal departments and external parties as well as ensuring that procedures and practices are in place to safeguard the assets of the school division.

  • General information can be found on our website to assist with financial procedures and forms. The Department of Finance provides the following services:
  • Provide general information about district financial procedures
  • Payroll and benefit administration
  • Production of employee contracts
  • Oversight of the school division procurement process, inclusive of bids
  • Accounts payable and vendor relations
  • Reimbursement processing for the school divisions grant expenditures, as well as employee reimbursements
  • Business support for all of the functional areas (Technology, Transportation, Operations and Maintenance, Administration, and Food Service.)