Gifted Education


Dr. Todd E. Perelli

Director of Teaching, Learning and Accountability


Gifted Education

Charles City Public Schools (CCPS) has two schools- the elementary school, which serves grades Pre-K-6, and the high school, which serves grades 7-12. CCPS fully supports the belief that teaching and learning are the two most important functions that occur in our schools. We believe that all children can learn and that they deserve an education commensurate with their abilities to learn. We therefore commit ourselves to providing our children with a well-rounded educational program that will appropriately challenge all of our children. Our program fosters excellence in teaching and learning, thereby resulting in a competent, adaptable, and motivated citizenry.

Students that are gifted need a differentiated program that takes into consideration individual abilities, talents, and interests. Charles City Public Schools strives to provide a program to develop self-esteem, skills in independent study, research, critical thinking, and creative thinking. Differentiation provides the opportunity to maximize individual strengths while taking on weaknesses so that they become assets. This program seeks to identify students that are gifted and enhance their educational experiences and opportunities. Students identified in this program will be challenged to develop their abilities for both personal fulfillment and future opportunities that benefit themselves and society.